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October’s Green Tomato Late Season Harvest

Digging around in my freezer, I came across a frozen reminder of the season just past. A tub of green tomato salsa reminded me I never got around posting about that late season crop of green tomatoes.

Way back in late October, the night’s were getting chilly and I still had a ton of green tomatoes on the vine. I harvested 4 pounds of green tomatoes on October 27th and another 4 pounds a few weeks later.  Back in those balmy fall days, I posted this photo on Instagram of my harvest and asked “What would you do with them?”

Comments suggested pickles, chutney, fried green tomatoes and, of course, green tomato salsa.  I harvested mostly grape and cherry sized tomatoes, so I opted out of frying them. My current overly excessive stockpile of fermented vegetables also meant pickles were out.

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Damnit, It Is Tomato Season

Red ones. Yellow ones. Green striped ones. Heirloom ones. Purple ones. Pink ones. Hybrid ones. It is tomato season. They are in abundance. The farmers’ markets  and grocery stores are loaded with them. They are local. They are beautiful. They are ripe, juicy and delicious. It is September and they, tomatoes, are at the height of perfection right now.


IMG_20140815_132730  IMG_20140718_161624

I can hardly escape them. Around my house, I haul in 2-3 ripe, juicy and flavorful tomatoes from the garden everyday. I was graced with 8 pounds of these beauties in CSA share from Waltham Fields Community Farm – even more when I ventured into the fields for pick-your-own vegetables. I also never tire of them. I will gobble down tomatoes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks throughout the day. Even with all the tomatoes around my house, I will happily order myself a caprese salad or other fresh tomato delights off a menu.

Which leads me to ask, why do I have to keep suffering through tasteless, dull, unripe and foamy tomatoes like this when dining out.


These look like they came from a distant land, were picked before they were ripe and shipped here on a truck. YUCK! If I want that, I will eat fresh tomatoes in January.  I do not eat fresh tomatoes in January, because I do not want that, ever.

Today, I will keep it short and leave you with some tomato porn. However, I will take the opportunity to call out a few of the egregious restaurant violators that I have visited recently.  I am sure there are others and I am missing alot (I don’t get out much)

I am especially disheartened by these particular examples of restaurants who lay claims to ‘fine-dining’ or tout their farm/garden-to-table credentials on their menus. If you guys are not supporting our local farmers and getting the best produce, picked at its peak of ripeness from purveyors practically in your own backyard, then who is?

In the meantime, take note, here is what a tomato on your plate should look like. Find a farmer to give you one and if you can’t find a farmer, grow your own.

wpid-IMG_20130818_191735.JPG          wpid-IMG_20130818_191019.JPG

IMG_20130830_125304 2014-08-15