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October’s Green Tomato Late Season Harvest

Digging around in my freezer, I came across a frozen reminder of the season just past. A tub of green tomato salsa reminded me I never got around posting about that late season crop of green tomatoes.

Way back in late October, the night’s were getting chilly and I still had a ton of green tomatoes on the vine. I harvested 4 pounds of green tomatoes on October 27th and another 4 pounds a few weeks later.  Back in those balmy fall days, I posted this photo on Instagram of my harvest and asked “What would you do with them?”

Comments suggested pickles, chutney, fried green tomatoes and, of course, green tomato salsa.  I harvested mostly grape and cherry sized tomatoes, so I opted out of frying them. My current overly excessive stockpile of fermented vegetables also meant pickles were out.

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Kitchen Commando - Food&Wine article Atelier Crenn Cookbook

On Cookbooks: Can’t Cook From It, Why Buy It?

The Kitchen Commando Article on Atelier Crenn Cookbook I recently read this article titled “The Kitchen Commando” by Daniel Duane in Food and Wine Magazine‘s December 2015 issue. The article was in print and, apparently, the blog took on the more obvious title “What It’s Like to Cook with Dominique Crenn.” Had the print article had the same name, perhaps the trajectory of the whole article would not have left such a bad taste in my mouth.

Basically, (I am paraphrasing here and all implied sarcasm is mine) Duane has lusted over a copy of Dominique Crenn‘s cookbook  “Atelier Crenn: Metamorphosis of Taste“. but here is a bit of a problem. As cook who taught him self through carefully recreating dishes from cookbooks, he cannot recreate many of Crenn’s creations.  Whether it be utterly esoteric ingredients or impossibly difficult techniques, he is sadly not able to metamorphize his taste. So, the intrepid food writer puts the challenge out to Crenn herself asking her to come to his home and show him how. Crenn, up for the task, asks Duane to select a few dishes.

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