Day 5: Dolores to Buena Vista – Reunions

Hello Colorado, my old friend. I am still a native.

Today was a day of Rocky Mountain highs. Rocky Mountain air and Rocky Mountain reunions.

Okay, stop me if you heard this one. You might be a Colorado Native if the sight of the Rockies painted dark purple against the blue sky with a blazing sun high above fills overflows your heart with nostalgia and childhood memories. Granted, I started off on the western side of the Rockies this morning. As I headed eastward, the sun was rising over the Rockies, not exactly the view from my childhood, but those giants on the horizon threw a wave of nostalgia crashing over me that made me both smile and get a little verklempt. As we know from a few days ago, I have no hesitation about getting a little teary-eyed inside my helmet on the lonely road.

Spending the previous afternoon and evening with one of if not my very best friends from high school probably amped up my morning reminiscing. As I mentioned, Gina and I had a great time sipping beers, snacking on junk food and catching up, but she also took the time to capture a few badass photos of me. If you live in the area, look her up.

But today was a big day. All day riding through my home state. A potentially technical high country ride crossing the Great Divide over Wolf Creek pass. And meeting for lunch in a city whose name I cannot pronounce for a reunion with my husband who I haven’t seen in over 9-1/2 weeks.

The ride did not disappoint. Long spans of open road with mountains, blue skies and meandering curves under deep blue skies with the sun shining like a jewel in the cloudless sky.

The pass over the Great Divide was less technical than what I had been riding in the Sierras, but it was high altitude and fast, fast, fast. So much fun leaning off the edge of the seat and riding over these large swooping turns that seemed to go in and on an on.

Then I hit the long strait stretch through the Rio Grande River Basin. Similar to the lonely roads running down a valley on Nevada, but on a much larger scale – bigger and grander mountains with a more spansive valley/basin.

You’re probably most curious about the main event of the day – my lunch date. I am afraid my thoughts are much to complicated and, perhaps, private to lay to bare here. Imagine that. So, I have little to tell and may not have much to tell later. It’s complicated. I do highly recommend the green chili and a grilled turkey and swiss sandwich on jalapeno-cheddar bread at the Saguache 4th Street Diner & Bakery. The breakfast burrito smothered in green chili also appeared choice.

I will simply say, two motorcycles meeting in the middle of the Rio Grande Valley then heading over Poncho Mountain Pass into the Upper Arkansas River Valley makes for readily available conversations pieces to break the ice.

Happy cooking and pondering.

3 thoughts on “Day 5: Dolores to Buena Vista – Reunions

  1. You go, girl. Don’t share more than you are comfortable with.
    PS, your SPOT tracker seems to have malfunctioned, or maybe it’s just sad to be left behind. Hope it catches up to you soon.

    1. Thanks, Dave B. I did leave my spot on a window sill in restaurant. It is being mailing forward, so I hope to be back with it soon.

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