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A Night's Parking along the Colorado River, Grand Canyon

On the Colorado: Grand Canyon Gourmet

“Welcome to the Grand Canyon!” she said jovially. Then, squaring up and looking me straight in the eye in a manner conveying importance, she continued “Just so you know, you have kitchen duty tonight.”

Despite the apparent gravity of my new crewmate’s message, I replied, unfazed, “okay.”

My husband and I started at daybreak trekking a knee-crushing 4280 foot descent to meet five inflatable chariots. These oar mounted whitewater river rafts would be our ride and our home for nine days. We made it to heart of the Grand Canyon and happened to stroll onto the boating beach at the exact same moment our rafting party landed. Our serendipitous timing made it seem as if we had casually planned to meet at 10am for a cup of coffee. It just so happened that cup of coffee was at the Phantom Ranch, a place only accessible by either at 10 mile downhill hike or a 100 mile downriver paddle. SONY DSC

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Herbed Chicken with Tomatoes and Vegetables from Meal Kit Delivery Just Add Cooking

Meal Kit Service Trial: Another Way to Be Alone in Tech-Alienated World

Being the trend follower that I am, I succumbed to one of those coupons for a meal kit service. You know, one of those services that delivers a box to your door filled with all the ingredients and for making several meals at home.  As an experienced home cook who attended culinary school, worked in a few kitchen and helped launch a teaching kitchen, I I don’t think I am really the target customer for these things. But, somehow that pesky coupon offer was constantly popping up on my various electronic media, so someone out there in marketing land thought one of these services might be right for me.

So, while sitting at home, alone with my computer, I signed up following the friendly prompts complete with photos of couples and families happily cooking and eating together. With a few strokes of the keyboard, I browsed photos of plated dishes taken from the standard overhead shot and selected my meals. And then, with the press of the ‘enter’ button, I was all set for my delivery.

Like many other online shopping experiences, I got that smack of instant gratification with my purchase. Even better, in case I later suffered from buyers remorse and wished I had chosen steak over chicken, I had until two days before my delivery to change my dish selections. Given my options this week extended to all of seven dishes, I wasn’t particularly concerned about that potential freak out moment.

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