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Taco Night with Recipes by Alex Stupak

On Sunday, the Boston Area Cookbook Club took on Taco Night –  Alex Stupak Style. Tacos: Recipes and Provocations came out in 2015. It caught my eye. On one had, img_20161109_101855tacos are ubiquitous creations where anything eaten in a folded tortilla earns the name taco. Yet, this cookbook gets rave reviews (like this one on Food52). Several ‘Best of’ lists also lauded lauded it in 2015 (like this one from Epicurious).  So, does that make this book a conundrum, oxymoron or just confused?

As a kid, tacos usually meant tearing open an envelope of ‘taco seasoning; and dumping it over cooked ground beef. We loaded the greasy, beefy, salty mixture into the bottom of a stale taco shell that might sat on a grocery store shelf for weeks… months… years. We topped it off with shredded, yellow, generic cheese, chopped iceberg lettuce, jarred salsa and a splash of hot sauce. Sometimes, diced tomatoes or sour cream made an appearance.

Inevitably, the grease soaked through the bottom of the shell making a soggy mess. Often resulting in something more like a nachos than a tacos. Continue reading Taco Night with Recipes by Alex Stupak