Culinary Consulting

What is a Culinary Consultant.

I am both an engineer and a chef- two disciplines that are natural partners as practical IMG_20120916_130611applications of scientific principles to produce things that bring happiness and enjoyment. My approach to food, cooking and food-related interactions is to look at them through the lens of science and technology to find fundamentals that make better eater experiences. With both a MS Mechanical Engineering from MIT and a MA in Gastronomy from Boston University, I focus on creating innovative, well-designed and great eater experiences and interactions.

Two of my specialties are food experience design and educational programming. I equipped and launched the teaching kitchen at BPM where I also coordinated and scheduled 60 program partners spanning thousands of programs. I create original programming for a diverse Boston metro audience including hands-on culinary classes, gardening and homesteading workshops, and do-it-yourself demonstrations. Additionally, I have spoken at conferences like the Aspen Ideas Festival and for programs at Brandeis University and Sloan School of Management.

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What a Culinary Consultant does for you.

I am a Culinary Consultant and Eater Experience Designer. I design great experiences in food, food culture and cooking. Here is a snapshot of a few of my services:

  • Design of Food-Related Spaces, Stores, Restaurants and Booths
  • Lead Hands-on Culinary Workshops (see a sample of some here)
  • Food Business Strategy
  • Program and Event Management and Coordination
  • Media and Communications Strategy and Design
  • Writing and Research

I have a Chef’s Certificate, Artisan Cheese Certificate and ServSafe Manager Certification. I teach food education and cooking workshops and have coordinated with organizations like the Boston Public Market (BPM), the Trustees of the Reservations, Sustainable Business Network, Waltham Fields Community Farm, Northeastern Organic Farming Association (NOFA) to raise awareness about local food and do-it-yourself techniques. I organize food-related events and have worked with clients like Duck Soup, Cuisine en Locale, Aeronaut Brewery, and The Williams Agency.

I am a ‘food generalist’ with expertise ranging from agriculture systems and technology to culinary arts, I am especially interested in homesteading and personal food production, local food systems, sustainability and metrics, food ethnography, and product design and development.

Please use my contact form to submit inquiries for culinary consulting.

About this Blog.

Welcome to No Return Ticket, a blog about navigating the next chapter in life. There are stories of gardens, food, culinary school, changing careers, my dog, adventures, travel and whatever else life hands me. Generally, stories about life while navigating a new life.

How did this ‘new life’ come to be? Oh, where to start!!

Until recently, I was an aspiring engineering program manager pursuing a technical career in consumer products. I went into engineering for lots of great reasons. It was a very practical and logical way to escape a troubled childhood. It was a means to move forward, land a good job and get a good paycheck.  It did all those things and I am actually pretty good at it.  It is no coincidence that engineering also affords me the opportunity to have this existential conflict about life choices (Can you say first world problem?).

After 20 years of pursuing engineering, here I am making a go at something completely different.  I quit my program management job. I enrolled at BU to pursue an MLA in Gastronomy and I started this blog about my new adventures. That might sound nuts. It might actually be nuts. So, a chronicle of the good and the bad might be an interesting ride.

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