October’s Green Tomato Late Season Harvest

Digging around in my freezer, I came across a frozen reminder of the season just past. A tub of green tomato salsa reminded me I never got around posting about that late season crop of green tomatoes.

Way back in late October, the night’s were getting chilly and I still had a ton of green tomatoes on the vine. I harvested 4 pounds of green tomatoes on October 27th and another 4 pounds a few weeks later.  Back in those balmy fall days, I posted this photo on Instagram of my harvest and asked “What would you do with them?”

Comments suggested pickles, chutney, fried green tomatoes and, of course, green tomato salsa.  I harvested mostly grape and cherry sized tomatoes, so I opted out of frying them. My current overly excessive stockpile of fermented vegetables also meant pickles were out.

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Come, Take a Cooking Class with Me!

Whew. 2016 is wrapping up and it has been a wild year.

I am not into New Year’s resolutions and making a big hoopla out of  starting anew on January 1st.  I don’t look at the start of the new year as this fantastical day when a page turns and things suddenly change. While 2016 had both its ups and downs, honestly, the downs were devastating and life-changing events that are seared into my memory with sadness, pain and grief.
Cooking with Kimi Logo

So, this year, I am actually looking forward to closing the book on 2016 and starting 2017 with a fresh new outlook. To prepare, I spent the several months in planning mode and put effort into my venture, Cooking with Kimi.

I made myself a cute little lCooking with Kimi in action, cooking classogo. I got fancy pictures taken so I looked like the bad-ass cooking instructor that I am.

I spent time ‘curating’ my presence on social media like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (insert unabashed plug to beg you to ‘like’, ‘follow’, ‘share’, ‘repost’ and <3 me often and with great enthusiasm).

I made cool new business cards and swag.
Cooking with Kimi Cooking Class Swag

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